Monday, 20 August, 2007

On through the lens........

Taj Mahal-The other view : Agra, India(2007)

The Innocence-Aditya : New Delhi, India(2007)

The Hope-A girl child from Bihar: New Delhi, India(2007)

A "chakkar" from Kathak Dance-
Dr. Swathi Subodh Siddhartha : New Delhi, India(2007)

Buddist Monastery-Thiksey: Ladak, India(2007)

The Himalayas: Ladak, India(2007)

The Humming Bird: Chiapas, Mexico(2007)

The Oxford, England(2007)

A face from National Social Forum: New Delhi, India(2006)

A puppet show: New Delhi, India(2007)

Light and Shadow: New Delhi, India(2006)

The Panorama-Teotihucán: Mexico(2007)

Odissi Dance: Madhavi Mudgal :
New Delhi, India(2006)

Bharatanatyam Dance:
New Delhi, India(2006)

The Mirage-Akhbar's Tomb : Agra, India(2007)

Akhbar's Tomb : Agra, India(2007)

River Thames : London, England(2007)

The Holy Scriptures-Royal Palace : Leh, Ladak, India(2007)

The Eye of London : London, England(2007)

Lodhi Gardens: New Delhi, India(2007)

Kuchipudi Dance-Dr. Raja Reddy & his daughter:
New Delhi, India(2006)

Stand alone-A boy in the middle of a Holy Meeting:
Leh, Ladak(2007)

The tower of the Municipal Building:
Hamburg, Germany(2007)

A shot of glory at the riverside: Hamburg, Germany(2007)

A house in the countryside: Ladak, India(2007)

Want to try? : Hamburg, Germany(2007)

The "Sangamam"(union): En route to Likir:
Ladak, India(2007)

The Door to Leh City: Leh, Ladak, India(2007)

Kathakali Dance: Fort Kochi, Kerala, India(2006)

The Future-Thiksey Buddhist Monastery:
Ladak, India(2007)

Diwali-The Festival of Lamps: New Delhi, India(2006)

The Yak riders: Ladak, India(2007)

En route to Kharlung La-The World's highest motorable road:
Ladak, India(2007)

Bharatanatyam Dance-Rajnita Kamath : New Delhi, India(2006)

The giant statue of Buddha-Thiksey Monastery:
Ladak, India(2007)

In God's own country: Kochi, Kerala, India(2007)

The Tower Bridge: London, England(2007)

Sunset at Ajmer: Rajasthan, India(2007)

The Lotus Temple: New Delhi, India(2007)

It happens only in India: En route to Jaipur, India(2007)

The reel and the real: Times Global Village, New Delhi(2007)

The beauties from Pushkar: Rajasthan, India(2007)

Crafts Museum, New Delhi, India(2007)

The Childhood: Ladak, India(2007)

Dragonfly: Kerala, India(2006)

The old port: Hamburg, Germany(2007)

The Bowl singers: New Delhi, India(2007)

The Red Fort, Delhi: India(2007)

The new avtar-Sub Marcos:
Chiapas, Mexico(2007)

An easy ride in a busy street of Pushkar: Rajasthan, India(2007)

Indus Valley: Ladak, India(2007)

Short & Long : Hamburg, Germany(2007)

The Red Fort, Agra: India(2007)

I would like to thank :

  • My brother Dalvy Joseph for the inspiration and the basic lessons in photography
  • To my friend Dr. Baburaj T.P. for all his encouragement
  • To my brother-in-law Dr. A.N.Roy who always appreciates me in my ventures
  • To my friend Dr. Jaime Tomás Page Pliego who always believes in what I do
  • To Mr. Carlos Duque & Mrs. Paty Duque for all helps with Computer
  • To my wife Gaby and the little Surya for their incessant support in all my projects
  • And of course thanks to you all

I appreciate your comments which you can post in the link below.

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